2019 After Effects Process Reel - Rev 3.2

My 2019 After Effects Process Reel featuring Motion Graphics, VFX, Compositing and 2D Animation created in After Effects. This version showcases the creation of the CLE Law Show opening sequence, the Preston Castle Virtual Tour Title sequence and a Princess Leah replacement.

Cinematography Design Considerations

A tutorial about design considerations for cinematographers. Essentially a combination of several cinematography lectures that I've given over the years.

"Cinematography Demo Reel"

My 16mm/35mm film Cinematography Demo Reel. TRT 4:06

"Mego Star Trek: Episode 1 - Kirk vs Gorn"

A seminal study of one of science fictions genre's most important works. This frame accurate (mostly) recreation was shot using period appropriate Mego action figures and playsets and also at the actual location as the original Star Trek classic episode. For an even more epic adventure, check out the side-by-side reference comparison video:

KTXL Morning News

Emmy nominated (Northern California Region) commercial for the launch of the KTXL morning news program. See if you can spot my dad pretending to drop off a kid at school.

"UC Davis Graduate School of Management: Big Bang"

A promotional piece about the UC Davis Graduate School of Mangement Big Bang program.

"Koval's Trade Market"

A :30 produced while at KOVR for the Koval's Trade Market. My dad is not in this one, but I did trick the Account Manager into playing a farmer.

"NorCal PET Center"

A :30 produced while at KOVR for the Northern California PET Scan Center. See if you can spot my dad pretending to be a doctor.

"2016 Timelapse Demo Reel"

Lots of long nights and mosquito bites went in to this production... TRT: 2:50

"2006 Timelapse Demo Reel"

My 2006 timelapse demo reel. TRT :37

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